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SonnyJim ft Kashmere, Soweto Kinch and Logan – A Dying Breed

When introducing a new rapper to the world, it’s important that you provide the listener/reader/freeloading fuck who just came here from the Hype Machine search engine with a nice overview of the hip-hopper in question. Unfortunately, we at ILB have lost the press release that came with SonnyJim’s latest mixtape, and instead we’ve been forced to base our entire knowledge of him off this profile on UKRunnings.com.

His entire bio reads “SONNY JIM”. He’s from Birmingham, he’s been on “baaaaaaaaaaaaare” features, and he doesn’t read websites because it “distracts from the mission”. I have no idea what mission you could be distracted on thanks to, say, Tom Jones Alarm Clock, but whatever man.

Anyway, “A Dying Breed” is the lead track from his “Trading Standards” mixtape, and it’s gotta be British hip-hop single of the year thus far. All yr standard UKHH moody piano rolls, lyrical namechecks for ball manufacturers Spalding and early-1990s WWF mainstay Razor Ramon (click here for him taking on a seemingly 11-year-old pleather clad Jeff Hardy), and the line “get hit by a mic like Robin Givens”. Good work all round. Download, get the mixtape, then spend a lot of time staring at his mixtape trying to work out what ethnicity he is.

SonnyJim ft Kashmere, Soweto Kinch and Logan – A Dying Breed

SonnyJim Myspace

  1. Big Johnny Doran
    August 23, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    Soweto Kinch famously got you branded as racist some years back…

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