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Particular items of note:

  • Courtney Love managing two covers in the space of two-and-a-half months in 2001. A year she didn’t actually release an album in. Kurt Cobain managed two in a month-and-a-half in 1994, but he cheated somewhat by falling into a coma then killing himself during that period. Attention whore.
  • Five front covers for The Vines, including one as recently as 2004. Especially jokes bruv in the aftermath of this. “The Vines are head and shoulders in front of a lot of bands”.
  • For those of us who lived through that early 2001 period when it looked like the NME was about to roll a 12, some of these covers help explain why. Roger Sanchez, Destiny’s Child, and Missy Elliot all must have gone down well with the core fanbaes. Not to mention, of all people, Amen. I had a letter published in the Amen cover issue, fact fans.
  • First post-9/11 NME cover? Starsailor. Never forget.
  • Comedians with NME covers: Fast Show, Baddiel and Skinner, Ali G, The Mighty Boosh: all, for better or worse, epoch-defining comedians with strong ties to the indie scene. 23/05/1992, however: Sean Hughes. There was Trevor and Simon in the 80s as well.
  • A fantastic little run of issues in 1987: Neil Kinnock, Hue and Cry, Grebo, and “steal it: the pop theft epidemic”. Must have been wonderful times to live in.
  • 13/09/1986: “The Yo Boys: hip-hop article by Paolo Hewitt”. A man for who, on behalf of all Anglo-Italians, we’d like to apologise sincerely for. There’s a question here as to why they needed a generic “welcome to rap article” when they’d already had Run DMC on the cover twice by this point, but eh.

If I wrote for some massively ignored blog tacked onto the website for a major magazine, here would be where I’d write “What are your favourite NME cover moments?” But I really, really don’t care.

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