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East Coast Avengers: Kill Bill O’Reilly

You know what it’s like when that one quiet kid from school everyone clowned on suddenly flips five years down the line, and then you’re seeing still photos of him on the News At Ten as Trevor McDonald lets you know how many people he’s just stabbed? This is what it’s like hearing that Esoteric is now your #1 right wing blogosphere hate figure.

Check these concerned figures out. Hella guys getting shook over the fact that arguably one of the ten worst underground rappers of all time isn’t feeling longtime US right-wing talking head Bill O’Reilly. Who, according to the track, it’s ironic that he’s on Fox because he’s “never been in no foxhole”. Can’t argue with that. Thankfully, no British rappers are foolish enough to try similar, because if anyone tried to beef with straigt-talking man of the people Jon “Gaunty” Gaunt, they’d get their career P45’d by the TalkSport don dada.

It gets even better though. One of the other members of East Coast Avengers is none other than Trademarc. For the uninitiated, this is Trademarc:

He’s the one dressed up as “Howlin’ Mad” Murdock. We have a fucking blogosphere talking about revolving around the fact that an Army of the Pharoahs second stringer and John Cena’s weed carrier have read a few op-eds and someone mentioned that zingery sells. It makes you proud to be alive in these times, huh? Check the MP3 here, then delete it because it’s awful.

East Coast Avengers – Kill Bill O’Reilly

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