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Late of the PR

Signs of Ich Luge Bullets takin’ over, DJ Khaled style:

  1. Facebook message from dude I used to go to school with highlight one who sentence in this blog as being “funny”
  2. I received a call from some fucking PR company or other today asking me if I would be “interested” in a “story”

Interested, no. Vaguely entertained enough to write a snide bitchy blog post about, yes.

The story, and trust me this is a big one, was that “Shepherds’ Bush is the rock and roll hotspot of the UK”. According to who? Well, according to the makers of Guitar Rock Star, the 73rd rhythm game/perform a pop song product on the market (remind me to tell you the story of how I tore my oesophageal wall doing Heart’s “Alone” on SingStar at some point).

There’s very little of note within this story, other than them calling The Who’s frontman “Roger Daltney” (note that “r” and “n” are nowhere near each other on the keyboard, so this isn’t a typo), and there use of a map that looks a little like a bottle of Lucozade with acne. As so:

Also worth snarking over: their discussion of how Pete Doherty (ask your older brother)’s move to Basingstoke saw him develop a love of “local team Queens Park Rangers” (rather than, y’know, Basingstoke Town; their list of “rock stars” including the guy with the tache from The Darkness (ask your older brother again), and every member of Family; and when it comes to listing famous rock stars from Leeds, them opting for some dude from Feeder (not the Jap, not the blonde prick, not the dead one, another one), instead of GEDGE~!. Unsurprisingly, this press release appeared with barely any rewriting in both of the London evening free newspapers. Good work all round.


Majik Most ft Celph Titled and DutchMassive – Back On The Map

Franco Godi Ensemble – Guitars and Hills

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