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Stalking “Babycakes” songsters 3 of a Kind via Facebook

So, Burial has been unmasked incorrectly. FACT. Burial is in fact the white guy from 3 of a Kind, who stormed into the charts in August 2004 with their #1 smash “Babycakes”, as viewed up above. This William Bevan character is a patsy put forward because the dubstep crowd would freak their shit out if they thought their purveyor of Sarf Lahndan bus journey soundscapes was the same dude who let us know he liked it down low a few years back. Fucking cowards. Real heads know the score
“Babycakes” was an amazing track anyway, a song that, like ’08 heater “Lookin’ Boy”, seemed to be released two summers too late. 2-step revivalism dealing with the similarity of eternal love to some cakes that, hilariously, kept The Libertines off of #1. It’s fantastic to learn, via Youtube statistics, that the website that’s provided the second greatest number of hits to “Babycakes” is “Dolls RealmA place full of news and information for people who love the idea of becoming a living doll. Wether its latex or plastic or even plushie.” Even plushie. The wonders never cease. Back in the day, as I wrote for Stylus, there’s some pretty heavy clickthroughs to certain band’s videos coming about thanks to the fetish crowd. Which is why, I believe, Kanye has had a furry on the cover of all his albums so far.
Anyway, this is what you really came here for: the Facebook pages of the three members of 3 of a Kind.

Marc Portelli aka Marky P
Nicholas Gallante aka Devine MC
Liana Caruana aka Miz Tipzta

You’ll be glad to know that all three 3 of a Kinders remain Facebook friends, although the two male ones have sadly left themselves set to “private” (weird that Portelli doesn’t want to talk about his poker successes or the company he owns), Liana thankfully isn’t so secretive and is more than happy to let you know that she doesn’t like “DEPRESSED ENDERS!!! thats eastenders to all u fans”, and that she’s “lovin indie at the mo”.
I doubt there can be a greater example of the path music has taken in the past five years than the bubblegumest of 2-step musicians now being keener on The Pigeon Detectives and Noah and the Whale than what they fucked with back in the day. Depressing. If, as I’d guess, 3 of a Kind don’t want to be your friends, why not join the Ich Luge Bullets group on Facebook? W’ere not lovin’ indie at da mo, so you’ll be among friends.


  1. August 11, 2008 at 10:03 pm

    Huh, the girl from Babycakes is friends with Gus from Eastenders. He once heckled me in a bar in Upper Street because I was trying to explain to the barman what Angustura Bitters were. TRUFAX.

  1. August 16, 2008 at 12:03 am

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