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Keepin’ It Nonpositive: The Worst Songs of the Decade So Far. #1: Bedouin Soundclash – “Where The Night Feels My Song”, #24 October 2005.

Despite the fact that none of them have ever mentioned the song in my presence, here’s a brief list of people “Where The Night Hears My Song” reminds me of: the guy with whiteboy dreadlocks in my sixth form who worked at a surfwear store at the weekends; the guy with whiteboy dreadlocks who sat behind me on a seven hour train journey to Plymouth and wouldn’t shut up about his “experiences” in Goa (“they’re so much more honest there”); the guy with whiteboy dreadlocks I lived with in my second year at uni who still owes me £130 from the final electricity bill; the guy with whiteboy dreadlocks who lives next door to my parents and keeps them up by doing laughing gas and playing Pendulum at 3am; and this one chick I did postgrad with who didn’t have whiteboy dreadlocks, but did regale us with stories how she discovered herself SCUBA diving off the Indonesian coast, and used to talk about how her parents weren’t that well off, despite her dad owning two racehorses. Champions, one and all.
Thankfully, Bedouin Soundclash are helpful enough to make their mobile-phone shifting, grubby-faced slacker cunts having a barbecue on the beach as dirty syringes wash up around their feet on the Cornish coast anthems as loathsome as their fans are. This is the kind of song that’d get its acoustic guitar out at parties.
I grew up Catholic, so I’d usually be pretty comfortable with inane bullshit platitudes like “I’m on the rocky road/Heading down the mountain slope/And my loud steps echo, echo”, but at least in apologia the idea is that it’s meant to lead to eternal salvation at the hands of a loving and benevolent God. Here’s it’s meant to lean towards the dream moment for any Bedouin Soundclash fan: finding a weed connection that means they don’t have to walk into a black neighbourhood anymore.
At least Jack Johnson and Donovan Frankfurter have the decency to not actually be heard anywhere outside of clambakes or whatever. This is a song that represents the worst kind of people on the planet, and it’s actively seeking being played on the radio. Five seconds with this song helps you understand the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” mentality.
This is a band for people who find Manu Chao too hardcore. I don’t think there can be a greater indictment of them than that.

SPECIAL BONUS MATERIAL: Here’s what songmeanings.net has to say about this anthem:

by MCThursday on 08-23-2005 @ 08:08:18 PM
best camping song ever, and its up there on the list of best songs to sing along to as well. makes everyone happy. how can you NOT like this song? reminds me of marley.

by brandnewreject on 01-21-2006 @ 02:09:05 PM
YES!! Canadians!!!!! This is such a happy song!!! It’s impossible to no dance when you hear it.

by JamRockQueen on 01-24-2006 @ 09:30:18 PM

I love this song, I never thought it possible but the band reminds me of bob marley, to me the song means: someone is coming from working, not a office, but maybe in a field, and their walking home down the mountain slope and when ur going down a slope u go faster and faster and ur foot hits the ground harder harder as u progress. its late evening, the person thinks its been a beautiful day seeing as how they’ve been outside all day. the chorus to me means when the night (that the person is walking in) feels their song,(that they’re singing as they walk), he’ll be home by then, and they’ll feel good about the days work. and i’m guessing its a long walk since the person reaches home when its dark and he started walking when it the sun was just goin down.the song reminds me of someone who’s coming from working in the fields in some kind of remote area in jamaica up in the mountains, where the roads are twisty and rocky. excuse me if i pointed out the obvious, once again this is what the song means to ME. i’d love to hear another persons take on it 🙂

(Slayer fucking suck as well, tbh, but that’s a pretty zing image so stay with it)

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