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Jude Rogers: I can’t believe it’s not butthurt

Dumb shit like this is what will, thankfully, kill off the broadsheets’ obsession with blogging.The sooner that big media realises that blogging isn’t “a great way to increase interactivity with our readers” and rather “a great way to make our writers look like 15-year-olds on Livejournal”, the fucking better.

It’s just so hopeless. Jude Rogers believes that disagreeing with an arbitrary list of 12 albums, 12 of which are dreadful, is the equivalent of “lynching”. Jude Rogers makes great pains to point out her “body armour can take” criticism, but then dedicates 700 words to a large-scale hissyfit because a couple of people, all of whom are bored office workers, disagree with her.

Let’s quote “Ether” for the second time in one week: music writers deal with emotions like bitches. Considering their entire career revolves around going “Hah, we all hate Razorlight/James Blunt/The Kooks, don’t we guys?”, they get shook hardcore when someone disagrees with them. Some would blame the fact that everyone writing about music these days in a professional context is a prissy private-educated Oxbridge fuck who’s never had anyone disagree with them in their privileged little lives before. I wouldn’t. I’d just blame the bubble these kids live in. They’re desperate for a consensus and when they don’t get it they realise how fucking vulnerable their positions are.

Back to Good Ol’ JR. Describing adding a token urban and a token jazz album as leading to a “more colourful collection of records” sounds like John Motson commentating on the African Nations. And the arrogance of the whole piece. “We know the truth”. “I dispelled a few myths”. Jude Rogers is putting Maps’ kids through university on her own. Just utterly hateful, and utterly worthy of hate. And the sooner Jude Rogers takes these bleeding crotch missives back to EncyclopediaDramatica where they belong, the better.

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