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A brief history of vandalism to MP3 blogger Wikis

Being, at heart, a bored office worker, one of the true loves of my life is Wikipedia vandalism. This post is a history of vandalisms that have been made to the Wikipedia page of Fluxblog, the mp3 blog written by Lisa Lampanelli-lookalike Matthew Perpetua. I can’t take all the credit for this work, however, as a fellow group of at least six other dudes slaving away in low-end journalism/office temping have also contributed some minor lols. And, of course, thanks have to go to the real stars of the deal, humourless Wiki-mods such as “Muchness”, “Can’t Sleep Clowns Will Eat Me”, “RobinCarmody”, and “OhNoItsJamie”. These may not be the funniest vandalisms, indeed you may find the very act of accusing a minor MP3 blogger of being made out of paper childish and petty, but I think it’s important that this work is noted down for future generations. Enjoy a brief overview of Fluxvandalism.

Humble beginnings. Straight off the bat with the classic one change motif though.

You really had to be there to find this funny

Parker and Stone-esque classic material

Don’t get this one

Bit studenty

I got a lot of pleasure from these subtle ones

Realest of talk

This is when the vandalisms actually started to get funny

Jellypuzzle (Talk | contribs) (remove non existent “cheeky chappies” category)

Some gay-ass nerd shit, I think

As a guy who got hit in the mouth with ’nuff metal kinis as a youth, I can relate here

I think the ones where we tried to introduce a backstory failed, to be honest

The kind of snap that gets Wilmer V spluttering on Yo Momma. Cash money.

Another five-star classic

This is what happens when you try to relive old glories. It fails miserably.

It’s kind of weird to think somebody actually has to write Drake and Josh, and that the show didn’t come about organically.

Classic material pt 2

Before Mr Biffo wrote shit kids’ TV shows and got snarky on the internet a lot, he was probably the world’s funniest man. Here’s a tribute.

I missed the libel law section of my journalism PGDip

Real name, no gimmicks


Classic material pt 3, also incorporating self-deprecation

I think this is the moment we jumped the shark, tbh

Around this time, our US connect started vandalising the page as well, bringing a transatlantic feel to proceedings

Underrated form of vandalism, this

Remember them?

This one probably reveals a lot about the psyche of whoever did it

Peace out

I like this one just for the pissiness of it

Always hated this song

And again, stick to the basics

I have no fucking idea

Actually, wait, I think this was when my ex-girlfriend started drinking instead of taking her medication. Good times bruv.


Quite clearly not a direct Christgau quote, because it isn’t smug self-satisfied elitist white middle class liberal bullshit

This one stayed up for, like, a month

We end on a stunning return to form

SPECIAL BONUS CONTENT: As a side project, mainly due to it being less vigilantly guarded than Fluxblog’s page, ongoing updates were made to the Wiki of 2002 UK music writer “Miss” “Amp” by the same gang of individuals. Sadly, this page was later deleted because Miss Amp isn’t actually notable by any definition of the term, but thankfully she herself is hosting a mirror of it on her page as we speak. Here. Three points of note though:
a)    As said previously, this wasn’t the work of one sole individual, it was a collective effort, a la “Constructive Summer”
b)    None of us think she’s the worst music writer in Britain. That would be Peter Cashmore or Alex Miller.
c)    She’s missed out the funniest part of it all, which was that her photo was replaced with one of Mick Hucknall.
Special bonus content to the special bonus content: at least three of the vandals actually saw Miss AMP at some fucking free drinks thing or other in late 2007, but we thought better about going up to her and asking her if she keeps in touch with Craig T Nelson.

  1. NEUMAN!
    July 20, 2008 at 10:42 pm

    I reluctantly cop to at least 11 of these

  2. Michael Hannrananananan
    July 21, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    “Thumbs up for dead babies” was always my favourite.

  1. July 2, 2010 at 9:24 pm

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