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That Judas of “Hawaiian Sophie” fame, kept his name in my op-ed

So, hey, back in those heady hova-nistic days of June 2008, lots of broadsheet newspapers were very happy to tell you that if you weren’t down with the hip-hop, as they undoubtedly have been since day one (they totally gave four stars to Lupe man, why ain’t you supporting the scene like them?), you were a racist.

Let’s just take some examples from The Independent:

  • Mark Hughes described the pudgy-faced fashion magnate as a “Glastonbury legend
  • Jerome Taylor did the usual “everyone except me is a racist” schtick that all music writers do when they’re basically trolling for feedback
  • Claudia Winkleman on a “lol the middle classes hate rap” tip
  • And Andy Cowan on how Jay-Z is the world’s biggest rap star, being as how bigness in rap is not decided by album sales or cultural impact or single sales or ringtones or critical height, but rather “how quickly they can get butthurt over a three word Noel Gallagher zing”

Anyway, history lesson over. The point is: being as rap is SOMETHING YOU MUST LIKE OR BROADSHEET CRITICS WILL TUT AT YOU, can someone please explain how The Indie (morelike “the indie”, amirite?) manages a feature on mixtapes featuring 158 different songs named, and yet none of them are rap? Or was pretending to be defenders of the rap flame just a one week thing only, until Noah and the Whale came along? Good work all involved.

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